I am Peter Hatherley



I am a writer with over 20 years of commercial experience

And when it comes to AI based content I have been using it for nearly 2-years now 

I have  been involved in writing and designing cutting-edge websites and producing attention grabbing adverts and advertising campaigns for digital marketing for over 2-decades.  

So I know good content when I see it

Frase Certified Expert

Recently, I was accredited as a Frase Certified Expert for my role as an AI Content Developer

I have also written unique AI templates for Frase. These include Wisdom AI, Headliners UVP, Word Tweak, and others that I use inhouse. I use these bleeding edge templates in my AI-based work 

I can provide custom-written content or AI based content as required. 

The templates I have available to me have helped me to create unique content that stands out.

I can write Instagram posts

I can write Facebook posts

I can write Sales Funnels 

I can write Blog Posts

I can write Web Pages

I can write Landing Pages

I can write Entire Websites

I can author Short ebooks

I am a Frase Certified Expert

How I do it

Rather than wasting time showing you endless examples of my work on totally unrelated subjects... 

For a limited time, I am providing the first 500 words* for any Blog Post, Social Media Post, or Affiliate Product Post, on Any Subject of your Choice 

Completely FREE of Charge*

Note: This is a one-off offer for pre-qualified clients

I've been writing commercial copy for over 20 years and to be honest  finding relevant examples for specific industries can be extremely time-consuming.  So this unique approach cuts to the chase so that you get the best sample possible  saving us both time and money.


Even though I'm based in Christchurch, New Zealand, I service clients from all around the Globe. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere your white-label work can be completed overnight and if you're in Australia you basically get an extra few hours up-your-sleeve to service your clients at the end of each day

Why creative copywriting works better


Copywriting is an art. It's not just about writing words on a page, it's about crafting messages that stick in people's minds and make them want to do business with you.

It’s about taking an idea, a concept, a product or service and transforming it into something thoroughly memorable.

It's about creating content that sells. But first it must be seen to be believed, and that's where creative SEO comes in. 

An experienced SEO writer needs to speak to the bots too so your content ranks well on the search engines and they also know how to inspire others to buy.

Keyword stuffed content may sneak past the goalie on the odd occasion and reach the top of the search results, but even if they do they get zero engagement.

On the other hand creative content enhances engagement and communicates authority and confidence to the buyer. 

Great copywriters also understand the need to craft a story. How to use the right words to leave an impact that inspires readers to take action

This is why you need someone who is willing to be creative and yet still understand the importance of SEO at the very same time. Someone who is willing to take some creative risks and yet still provide the stability that on-page SEO offers. And that takes a high level of skill and experience.

So it’s very important to research your target audience. To find out what they want. To find out what problems they face, and what pain points they might have. 

Creative copywriters understand how the human mind works. They understand the psychology of how we all process information and how certain concepts can instantly trigger an emotional reaction.

That’s why it takes such a high degree of skill and expertise to understand what your audience really wants and then answer them appropriately.

Hi I'm Peter Hatherley, and I have over 20 years of experience in writing high impact SEO-based articles. Be sure to contact me if you want to leverage my experience for your next post

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